My Courtship in a Poem

My Courtship in a Poem
by: mcaethen

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I wanna let you know...
that my love for you is lucid
and my intensions are candid
for my love gets contaminated
by E.V.O.L virus cast by cupid.

I whose being been cursed...
infected by your Love
and the only medication
is acceptance and reciprocaton
of my undying affection and
eternal passion.

I was drown in your memories...
and had been devastated and
from melancholy my heart had suffered
but still hoping that this feeling
will be answered.

I don't want to let you go...
and even spears could not impede me
for I am now in ecstasy
and all I want is to express
my Love for you relentlessly.


Anonymous said...

Great! Written with Inspiration... Go Mark!

venus vivian said...

aba si mark nagbibinata na... nanliligaw na... cno kaya ligaw niya...? hay... ang sweet ng poem... it was really good...


poetic ka pala koya.

Aethen said...

inspired lang that time, beans.

the poem was for the girl na nililigawan ko dati. ngayon hindi na ako makasulat. haha.